Creating a trading experience like no other.

We’re on a mission to create automated trading solutions that revolutionize the way millions of people trade.

Sure Algo emerged through innovative advancements in technical analysis, placing a strong emphasis on incorporating user feedback. Today’s investors have access to an extensive array of tools and an endless stream of data, which, while beneficial, can also lead to confusion for many.

Empowering investors with advanced, accessible, and accurate trading tools.

Leverage AI

Leverage the power of Ai the same way large institutions financial do.  

Tailored to you

The SureAlgo Type-M EA allows you to determine your own risk.

Automate everything

Our EA doesn’t get tired, hungry or emotional and it will never revenge trade.

Frequent questions

Sure Algo is a tech company offering automated solution tailored to each users risk appetite. Our main product is the Sure Algo Type-M EA that we have through monthly or yearly package. Then we have Trader tools, for more manual traders tools to help them identify key prices in the market. Along with ai-signals, alerts of great high probability set ups.

You sign up, you get a vps included, log into your preferred broker. Set up Sure Algo Type-M EA under 10 minutes.

Any trader looking to take stress of their intra-day trading. Or simple investors wanting to set up a consistent software with proven track record. No one offers to do backtest like we do. Join our weekly zoom calls!

Sure Basic (Signals and Indicators only): $45 monthly subscription.
Sure EA (Type-M EA only): $85 monthly
Sure Pro (Signals, Type-M EA and Indicators): $115 monthly

Go to our pricing page and checkout our available packages.

For live verified accounts running from 3 months to 3 years with Sure Algo Type-M EA, checkout the “performance” area. No one in the retail space is sharing results like this!

Yes, 24/7 multi-language customer support.

Yes the community itself is a great resource, the Trader tools package offers accurate signals and tools to call market moves for those at the start of their trading journey.

Any broker of your choice, they just need MT4, MT5 Or Tradelocker.

Still have unanswered questions?

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